Power to the People

Group Exhibit

September 4-27

What was originally planned as a protest art show by self-taught artists has now become a community based exhibition featuring works by both self-taught and trained artists, of all age groups, of all abilities, with works that are protest based and not. 

An open “call for artists” was made public for this exhibition, Power to the People. It was intended to be an opportunity for self-taught artists to share the work they have been making in response to the world we live in today and to share their opinions about it. In looking through the work that came in, it became evident that this is an opportunity to show a huge variety of artwork by an eclectic array of talent that may or may not have shown their work before. 

Please contact us at outsidersandothers@gmail.com for availability and pricing 

ALTHEA Adams.jpg

Althea Adams
African Woman, Me.  Reflecting, Seeing My Journey Of Love , Healing And Mental Wellness Ahead
11” x 15.5”


Brooklyn Fink
Portrait of Dr Bonnie Henry as a Young Child (The New Normal)
Ink and epoxy on cotton duck
12” x 10”

"Please contact us at outsidersandothers@gmail.com for availability and pricing - " for the following past exhibits:

Bryan Cathcart.jpg

Bryan Cathcart
Heads 2
Oil and acrylic
48” x 24"

Ben Roback.jpg

Ben Roback
Pen and ink on paper
12” x 18”

CARL Baird.jpg

Carl Baird
Spray paint on canvas
12” x 24”

DORIS Willimas.jpg

Doris Williams
Red House
Acrylic on canvas
18” x 14”

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado.jpg

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado
Field of Flowers
Oil on canvas
16” x 24”

Jeremy Zupp.jpg

Jeremy Zupp
We Stand with Pride
8” x 10”

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado.jpg
Kevin Harney.jpg

Kevin Harney
Illusion 1
Giglee print mounted to acrylic
6" x 6" x 1”

Lisa Maria Bellano.jpg

Lisa Maria Bellano
For Manro
Ink on paper
9” x 6”

Margaret Ostrowski.jpg

Margaret Ostrowski
The Bliss of an Iris
Acrylic on canvas
16” x 20”

MARY Sousa.jpg

Mary F. Sousa
Heaven’s Gate
28cm x 36cm

Michelle Ibaraki.jpg

Michelle Ibaraki
Monarch Butterfly
Coloured pencil
5" x 9"

ROJINA Farrokhnjead.jpg

Rojina Farrokhnjead
Soft pastel on paper
18” x 24”

SARINA Joy.jpg

Sarina Joy

The Hills Have Eyes


16" x 20"

Seema Shah.jpg

Seema Shah
What Quicksand?
Mixed media collage
8” x 5.25”

SIDI Chen.jpg

Sidi Chen
Redemption on Laundry Day

Dry C print (mounted, framed)

8” x 12”

SIGNE Knutson and Fred Cheezo.jpg

Signe Kathryn Knutson and Fred Cheezo
Acrylic, Glow-in-the-Dark
24” x 12”

SUNROOP Kaur.jpg

Sunroop Kaur
Sunroop Kaur II
Acrylic on wood
30” x 24”