Professional Artistic Growth
Made Accessible 

‘Professional Artistic Growth Made Accessible’ is an innovative partnership that steps beyond limiting societal perceptions of artists with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use issues. Outsiders and Others will provide specialized professional development opportunities to help participants move forward in their artistic lives. Participants will be welcomed into the gallery for one-on-one artist consultations and small-group workshops with gallery curator Yuri Arajs, and co-facilitated with artist Seema Shah who has lived experience with mental health issues.


In addition to personalized mentorship, there will be two gallery exhibitions this year that feature artists with lived experience of mental illness. One will take place in May and will be in our window gallery at 938 Howe Street and the other in December at our walk-in gallery at 716 East Hastings Street and will be in celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Both will be co-curated by Yuri Arajs and Seema Shah.

We will soon be announcing how to sign up for the one-on-one consultations and how to apply for the upcoming exhibitions mentioned.

Our first workshop is...
V2. Portfolio Review Workshop.png

Join us for a FREE Artist Portfolio Review Workshop for Vancouver artists with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use issues. 

Receive individualized constructive insight from curator and gallery owner, as well as reflect on some thought-provoking questions posed by Seema Shah, a self-taught Outsider artist with lived experience of mental health issues. All in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Each participant, if they choose, will have the opportunity to share their artwork with fellow participants while receiving feedback and having an open discussion with the workshop facilitators. Discussion topics may include but are not limited to: creating a portfolio, documenting artwork, presentation of your artwork, and what to do with and how to process criticism.

Space is limited so register early. 

Our Facilitators

Yuri Arajs

Seema Shah

To register for this workshop or if you have any questions email us at

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If you would like to have a free artist consultation, simply email us at to receive a registration form. 


Once completed you will receive an email from Yuri directly to schedule a date and time. 

There are only a few opportunities each month available so don't wait to register.  Contact us with any questions at

This project is being funded by Consumer Initiative Fund (CIF)
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