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May 4 - June 29, 2024

Outsiders and Others, 716 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Please be advised that this exhibition has nudity, blood, profanity and deals with psychiatric trauma. 

Outsiders and Others is honoured to present Kim O’Brien’s exhibition ENTANGLED..


This important art installation by self-taught artist Kim O’Brien is based on her own personal experience as a patient in the BC mental health system here in Vancouver. This disturbing experience is primarily depicted in life size sculptures that are felted, stitched, knitted, and sewn.


Mental health is not an easy subject to discuss. In this case, the artist uses it as the focal point and catalyst for this exhibition. This body of work takes the viewer on a step by step journey through the artists own personal experience which will leave you shaken. Some will see the exhibition as controversial because of it’s direct, honest, and at times disturbing content.


Kim’s experience is an important one to present as it is her own. And her voice deserves to be heard.


“In the fall of 2020 I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my jaw that required surgery to wire shut. My broken jaw set off a chain of events that ended in psychosis and me being apprehended under the mental health act. ENTANGLED is an extraction, exploration and documentation of a psychiatric misdiagnoses. A visual representation of loss, shock, anger, grief and trauma from psychiatric care. I have been able to lean into the hardness of this experience in part because of the unwavering support of my doctor, family and therapist, and although I continue to brush up against trauma, I am also an artist who believes in the importance of exploring difficult narrative.”

Kim O’Brien

Events associated with the exhibition:

May 4, 2-4pm Opening reception

May 18, 2pm Exhibition tour and talk with the artist / general public

June 1, 2pm Exhibition tour and talk with the artist / Mental Health Community only

June 29, 2pm Closing celebration

To reserve a seat for an artist discussion, simply email us at

Include your name , email and which talk you would like to attend. 

Seating is limited. 

Selected works from the exhibition


Patient-Centered Care

Palatable Lobotomy

KimOutsiders-132 copy.jpg

Seagulls in My Head

Prescribed Sickness

Trauma Island

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Set of 9 flash cards + 1 information card

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100 sets available


$25 + $3 tax (12%) = $28 

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